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air shocks, airbags and loadlevelers PRODUCTS INFO
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AirLift Company Information

Airlift Suspension Products

Airlift has been doing air suspensions and air suspensions alone since 1950. The first product that Airlift ever came out with was this Airlift 1000 kit. This is the red bag that goes inside the coil spring. Back in the '50s no one really ever lifted trucks. The only people that really lifted these old coil-spring vehicles were the vacationers with aluminum trailers who would go camping. These vehicles were not designed to tow, so they had to have something as a supplementary air spring to set inside the coil and help these vehicles get on the road level.

What Airlift didn't know was that a major chunk of our business ended up being moonshine runners. Everyone would load up the truck with illegal moonshine and they would be setting the car down so they'd be lifting it back up to level. So the moonshine runners are also the guys who started up and ended up racing NASCAR. Naturally Airlift went along to NASCAR with them. Airlift sponsored Lee Petty and Richard Petty, all the way up through the '70s until NASCAR gave a ruling that said that Airlift gave the Petty's cars an unfair advantage. So Airlift had to pull back from the NASCAR racing in the late 70's and started getting back into the load support and the towing applications.

Air Springs Benefits

Some of the benefits of air springs. Obviously the reason people come to Airlift originally is because when they put a heavy load onto their vehicle the back end sags down. So Airlift does overcome the sagging. Airlift lifts it back up. So that when you're pulling heavy loads you put on an Airlift kit. The major benefits of the air spring is that it's the only truly adjustable load support option. There's other steel spring companies that are out there. There's additional down spring jumpers and all these other products that you can buy to prevent the vehicle from sagging down, but none of them are adjustable. With an air suspension system, by adding or taking away air it's going to maintain level ride height, no matter if you're just hauling a refrigerator, if you're hauling a mattress, if you're hauling a trailer. It's fully adjustable. It might be 5 pounds. It might be 25 pounds. It might be 100 pounds depending on how heavy the load is, but you have complete control over that, where most systems you have one that's going to set the vehicle back up level. As soon as you take the load off you have all that extra spring rate in back that's going to make for a stiffer and harsher ride.

Airlift is going to eliminate all the sag, the sway, and the bottoming out. So in other words, you've been behind a truck on the highway that's pulling the trailer and you see the trailer start to sway different and the guy's getting on the brakes to slow down because he's unstable. He needs some more support in the rear and that's going to help eliminate that, so this makes pulling a trailer -- pulling a race car trailer a lot safer, much less of a white-knuckled ride to where you're going. Airlift engineer all the kits to fit and last. As a matter of fact, Airlift has the longest warranty in suspension industry. All of our kits that Airlift engineers are now already producing have existing holes in the frame of the vehicles so 90 plus percent of our kits require no drilling on the vehicle to install them. Bottom line it's pretty easy to install with hand tools. Installation of Airlift - How Long It varies per kit. If you check the installation guides -- all of the listings in the guide are designed on the shock without using a hoist and without using hand tools. On average, it's an hour to two hours, depending on the application. If you look at the guide the very far right column shows a little mechanics wrench. That's how many hours that Airlift suggest for the install. That's exactly how shops get paid for the install. Airlift give them that price and that's what they quote for installation time.

Air Springs - Why Buy Them

Air springs are what professional truck drivers use. Every time you're driving down the highway and you see a big semi that says "air ride equipped," that's because of the same reasons that It's fully adjustable. That semi-truck driver he doesn't know whether he's hauling a load of feathers or a load of bricks. He has no idea until when he get's to the loading dock. If he had still steel springs, which they all used to have, just steel leaf springs, they'd have no idea. They just ride down the road beating themselves to death with too much spring rate or they'd ride down the road sagging and tearing through tires. Even if you looked back 20 years ago you'd see a lot more shredded tires on the side of the highway than you do today. A big part of that is due to air springs. Their easier on the tires now that their holding the vehicles to the right limit and so on. This is a way to take a commercial suspension and apply it to someone that's towing occasionally for an RV or for a race car trailer use or just heavy loads to and from Home Depot.

The average experience for each person on the phone at Airlift is about 6 years. So they know products. They know where to get the information. They can handle and walk you through just about anything that you need to talk to.

If you buy Airlift springs you get a two-year unlimited mileage warranty. Most competitiors have a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty. Most people live in the city and don't commute very far to work. But you still put more than 12,000 miles a year on your car. Everybody does these days.

Airlift also have a 60-day ride satisfaction guarantee. So if you purchase an Airlift kit on it's not doing what you wanted it to do, you can send it back for a full refund, no restocking fee even though it's been installed.

Manufacturing Airlift offers over 265 kits that require absolutely no drilling to the vehicle utilizing factory holes, which takes a lot more time, a lot more engineering. It makes the kits cost a lot more for Airlift to make, but it's so much easier for the installers when it comes time to install. Airlift promises that if it's a pick-up,van or SUV, if it's built by Chevy, Ford, Dodge,Honda, Toyota or Nissan if it's possible for air springs to be fitted to the vehicle Airlift have a kit or one's on the way.

Airlift is now ISO 9001 certified. What that means is that Airlift make tier-1 quality parts. Parts that are capable to be installed on manufacturer's vehicle direct as a part. As a bi-product of that, there's quality systems that need to be in place. Every step has to have it's certifications and its quality control in order for Airlift to meet our regulations. Airlift thought that this was going to be a huge hinderance to Airlift as far as our ability to make parts fast. This actually speeds the process up. It now takes Airlift about three weeks to develop a new kit from the time the chassis is released to the time it's actually on the shelf ready to go.

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