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air shocks, airbags and loadlevelers PRODUCTS INFO
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"Got my (rear) shocks yesterday. I wish I had purchased Edelbrocks for the front as well! Alas, I bought Gabriels 2 weeks ago. The Edelbrocks are definately better!" -- DM Brown

"I wanted you to know that I recieved the KYB Monomax shocks you recommended for my Durango and had them installed last Friday. All I can say is WOW!, what a difference they make. I'll admit I was a little reluctant to pay $$$ for a set of shocks, but they are a vast improvement in every way over the original shocks, and worth every cent. I am very pleased with the results." -- R.T

"I purchased the Bilstein (for the front) and Monroe Loadlevelers (for the rear) combination for our 1998 Ford Explorer and I am real happy with the experience. ..the ride is better, actually, a little stiff in the city, but perfect on the highway. More stable and control" -- Jim

"Just wanted to let you know that our Bilsteins for our (P-30 Chassis) motor home has made a world of difference. We don't even have the wind sway that we used to have. We will be a return customer for all our shock needs and definitely we will send customers your way. Thanks again for your promptness and personal touch." -- K & J Kelso, WA.

"I received the requested Bilstein shocks I ordered, and installed them on my new 2001 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor. Excellent results and very pleased with your service, price and ride improvement!" -- J.K.

"First I would like to say thanks. I have a 1999 Dodge 3500 Dually 4X4, and its got 197,899 highway miles on it. I haul Expedited Parts for DANA Corp. I haul up to 7,000 lbs in the bed and needed good shocks. I've had 2 sets of Monroe Magnums, and didn't think it could ever get any better, until a friend recomended Bilsteins. (The Bilsteins have) made my truck a pleasure to drive once again. I could not believe the way my high mileage truck drove and handled. I don't even remember it being this good new. I'm totally pleased with your fast service, and the quality of your products. Thanks Again." -- Troy, TN

"I really enjoy the Bilsteins I received from you for my Trooper." -- J.K, AZ

"( I ) Recieved and had installed my front and rear Edelbrock IAS shocks for my 2000 Trooper. By far these are the most incredible shocks I have ever purchased. Handling and ride have improved dramatically. Well worth the investment. These shocks are everthing they say they are and them some. Thanks!" -- C.D.

"Just wanted to thank the people at shockwarehouse for the easy order process and fantastic Edelbrock shocks I purchased. The shocks are outstanding. Thanks again." -- J.

"Last week I installed two Edelbrock IAS Shocks on my 2003 F-150 Harley Edition. Not being happy with the stock ride, I changed out the front shocks. The IAS's were just the ticket!! Just ordered two for the rear, can't wait to try them. Shockwarehouse had both models in stock (no one else did!) and shipping was right on target. Ordering couldn't be faster or easier! 100% Recommmend !!" -- J.F., Florida.

"Recently I received the front/rear shocks (Monroe Loadlevelers) for my 1969 Thunderbird. Just had 'em installed a few days ago and the ride height is restored to exactly where I wanted it!!! I have ordered shocks from you for my two '89 Lincoln Town Cars as well. I am very happy with the price, convenience, and well as the top notch product selection!!! I have printed out a page for a friend of mine who has a nice 1973 Lincoln Mark he wants to put Loadlevelers on. Thanks again for the A-1 quality!!!" -- T.S of CA.

"Last month I purchased a set of 4 Edelbrock IAS Shocks for my 2001 Ford Ranger. I bought them via the web from Your IAS shocks should be *required* standard equipment for all cars and trucks manufactured from this day forward. Period. The improved ride and corner stability are stunning! In addition, I believe Eldebrock IAS shocks seriously improve safety by allowing the driver to maintian better control of the vehicle in all driving conditions, especially beatup roads after a long New England winter. Please tell your design team, "Well done!". -- P.K.

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